The Bar is just another standardized test and hence has its own style and idiosyncrasies. A truly effective course hence teaches both Law and Strategy. Hence, the thrust of the Merlin course is focusing on the right law and maximizing your time. We believe that “straight lecturing” is essential, but we also believe that the most effective way to learn the law in both the MBE and Essays is to focus on fact-patterns that clarify the law; these-fact patterns come directly from past MBE and Essay questions. More than half of the class time is spent discussing the questions as well as modifying the fact patterns so that: the law is clear, you are intimately acquainted with the test, and you are anticipating fact patterns that may show up on your exam. A crucial component is the grading of Essays, MPT’s and MBE Assignments; you get written, personalized feedback so that you can master these areas.

By having just one Instructor, you are guaranteed personalized attention:
The Instructor tracks your progress, knows and works on your weaknesses, and is available for consultations outside of class. In the last three weeks, every class is an “enrichment class” as we “fine tune” by clarifying law and strategy.


The LSAT is a standardized test, so the test-takers’ results will always be in a “standard distribution” or “Bell-shaped” curve. The test-makers have designed a subtle, sophisticated, system that ensures that smart persons will choose wrong answers. They have cleverly disguised what they are really testing; in fact, the current test is essentially a response to the widespread, mass-production Prep Courses. The fact of the matter is that the LSAT is now a test of fundamental legal skills. The Merlin Method removes the facade, the disguises, and the tricks of the test by getting to the “nitty-gritty” fundamental legal skills. Who can best teach and hone these fundamental legal skills? Also, the Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) require both the legal skill of rule interpretation and the specialized skills of organization and time-optimization. The Merlin Method uses Engineering Optimization Principles to simplify this dreaded section of the test.


The Merlin course content is a subtle blend of knowledge and strategy; it channels and enhances the student’s knowledge and uses creative strategies to maximize the student’s score. The course was designed by Mr. Ritchie, a testprep expert who has also successfully designed courses for the LSAT and the Bar Exam. Mr. Ritchie was featured on Fox Television’s special on the SAT. He worked for Kaplan in New York as an Instructor, Manager, and Teacher-Trainer. He has combined his Engineering, Analytical, and Legal skills [BS and MS degrees in Engineering; JD – Georgetown Law; Member of the Maryland Bar] to create a novel and highly effective approach to test preparation.