Both Live Classes and One-on-one Tutoring Include Free Web-access to
Videos of Actual Classes

6-month Interest-free Financing thru’ Paypal Credit
Personalized Payment Plans with Merlin also available

Designed by a Georgetown Law Graduate and ex-Kaplan Instructor
Detailed, step-by-step solutions to the Logic Games generated by an Engineer
Free assistance with the Personal Statement
We teach you to think like a Lawyer
Continuous E-mail and phone access to your Instructor
Repeat Students who took national companies’ courses
routinely get large score increases

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Our Strategies

You can start Classes or Tutoring anytime

There are eight (8) two-hour sessions and three (3) “dress rehearsal” practice tests.

Utilize Modern Technology to attend Live-on-the-Web, interactive Video and Audio classes
in HD via Group Skype from anywhere in the US or the World. You can ask questions of the Instructor; you can see and hear the rest of the seven-person group; your Instructor can see
and hear the entire group. These are actual interactive classes, NOT “Webinars.”

Tuition for Live Classes: $995
Deposit: $50
Tuition for Online Program: $795
Tuition for 10 Hours One-on-one Tutoring: $1,500

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Visa, MasterCard,  American Express, and Money Transfers are welcome.

Tuition covers all classes, all practice tests, all course notes, assistance with the personal
statement, and access to your Instructor.
Financial aid is need-based. Payment plans are available.
Visa and Mastercard are welcome.

Repeat Policy

If you complete the course and wish to wait for the next exam, you will get:

  1. Unlimited “Instructor-on-call” access until the next exam,
  2. A refresher class,
  3. Repeat of the final practice tests, and
  4. A consultation to map out a personalized strategy for improving your score.


We use a team of Attorneys. They are all exceptional teachers who are well versed in the Merlin Method. Mr. Ritchie leads the team and he personally teaches most of the classes. He is the
Director of quality-control and, for all students, he is available for phone and E-mail consultations.

“My LSAT score improved to 172 with Merlin from 160 after a national company’s course. The Merlin Method was so much better that I literally traveled from New York to Maryland every week just to attend classes.”

“After taking an LSAT review class with a national prep company, I was disappointed with my score. The Merlin Method is much superior: after only four sessions, my LSAT score increased by seven points. Now I’ve been accepted at William & Mary, my first choice school.”

“ The combination of the outstanding Merlin Prep Course and the insightful help with my Personal Statement resulted in my admission to Harvard Law. I was one of only a handful of students from U. of MD (College Park) who gained admission to Harvard Law.”

“With Merlin, I improved my actual LSAT score from the 52nd to the 90th percentile [152 to 163]”

“Before Merlin, I took a course with a leading Prep Company and was not admitted to Law School. After I used Merlin’s fantastic system, my score went up by 35 percentile points and I was admitted to the School of my choice. I was in the top 3% in my class, and I now own a Law Firm in New York.”

“My LSAT experience was relatively stress-free with Merlin; I felt relaxed throughout the artfully choreographed process. I attended Law School, took Merlin’s Bar Review and passed the Bar first time.”

“ I started preparing for the LSAT on my own. My practice scores were at about the 80th percentile. I then learned Merlin’s techniques; the result was that my actual LSAT score was in the 97th percentile.”